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Laboratory analyses


What can be analyzed in the blood and urine?

The laboratory analyses are, together with a detailed medical history and a thorough physical examination, basis for the preparation of the individual therapeutic regimen with micro-nutrients and anti-oxidants and plant ingredients.

Special analyses

(Micro-nutrients, free radicals, oxidative stress, environmental toxicology)

We work together with:

ULM, Munich, Doz. Tiller

Laboratory of Dr. Schiwara and partner, Bremen

Laboratory of Prof. Bauer, Saarbrücken

Routine laboratory

(Blood count, liver -, kidney functions, hormones, Immunology etc.

We work together with:
Laboratory Mühl Speiser, Vienna

Gene analysis


IMBA is a State-approved laboratory to carry out genetic analyses for medical purposes on behalf of physicians pursuant to § 68 of the genetic engineering law.
Symptoms and diseases such as lactose intolerance (milk intolerance), increased Homocysteinwerte / myocardial infarction, stroke and dementia risk, osteoporosis and lipid metabolism disorders (hyper Lipemia) can be clarified precisely by means of laboratory technology with regard to genetic causes.


(Serum, intracellular)

Vitamins E, C, A, D3, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12,
Beta carotene,
Coenzyme Q 10,
Folic acid,
Biotin (Vit.
Alpha-lipoic acid


(Serum, whole blood, intracellular)

Sodium, potassium, calciumMagnesium, chromium, selenium, zinc, iron, manganese, copper, strontium, molybdenum, manganese, cobalt, nickel, vanadium


Vitamins, minerals, trace elements, such as Vit. E, beta carotene, Vit. C, selenium, magnesium

Total glutathione GSH,Serum and intrazell. {GSH (T cells, NK cells, monocytes, ery), oxidized GSH (GSSG) ratio GSH/GSSG, GR (reductase), GPX (Glutathione peroxidase), SOD (superoxide dismutase), GST {(Glutathion-S-Transferase) m p, a, q,}, catalase, taurine, melatonin (urine), reference i. H., Vit. E in LDL cholesterol, MDA, Total anti-oxidants status after rice-Evans, LPOX (lipid peroxides), cysteine, acetyl-cysteine, Spermine, Spermidin, homocysteine, 8-OH-deoxy Guanosine, HNE (Hydroxynonenal), methionine, S-Adenosylmethionine (SAM)


Phase I + II (Detox-test)

CYP 1A2, CYP 2A6 (cytochrome P 450), glutathione S Transferases, N-Acetyltransferasen (NAT2) Sulfatransferasen, Xanthine oxidase (XO), Benzoatclearance (BCL), glucaric acid (GLC), any genetic test at V.a. NAT 2 or GST polymorphism, VARIA, Omega-3 / Omega-6 fatty acids,Amino acid profile,L-carnitine,Melatonin,Lactate/pyruvate (Mitochondropathie),Histamine etc.

Toxic profile (toxic heavy metals)

(Serum, whole blood, intracellular)

Cadmium,Lead, aluminum, mercury, thallium, arsenic, titanium, Platinum, silver, gallium, indium, Tin, gold, Palladium

Environmental pollutants, poisoning (Xenobiotics)

(Blood, tissue, Chair, house dust)

Chlorinated hydrocarbons such as trichloroacetic acid, hexachlorobenzene (HCB),
Nitro aromatics (E.g. p-Nitro toluene),
Plant / wood preservatives (E.g., pyrethroid, permethrin),.
Ameisensäuure, formaldehyde,BTX (benzene, toluene, xylene),
Solvents (E.g. Trichlorethylene),
Aromatics (such as PCB Polychlorinated biphenyls),
Dioxin, DDT, PCP, lindane, Organochlorphospate,(Flame retardants), phosphoric acid ester
Nitro musk compounds,Bisphenol A (plastics),Acetylcholinesterase in the ery (Organochlorphosphate OCP),
and others (according to the clinical suspicion)

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