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Congress 2005

Congresses & Seminars

on topics of orthomolecular medicine

34th International Conference "Nutritional Medicine Today"

ISOM international society for Orthomolecular Medicine
Ottawa, Canada, 12-15 May 2005

Scientific programme (pdf file)

2nd International Congress on complementary medicine and cancer

18 and 19 November 2005
Marriott Hotel, Vienna

Recent developments in the area of Oncology, new approaches to therapy and
Adjunctive therapies are essential information for a competent
complementary medical advice and treatment.

Topic: "complementary medicine meets Oncology"

This Conference provides a comprehensive overview of the development of complementary medicine in Austria and internationally and underlines the growing importance of this Bereiches.Erstmalig a German expert statement on the use of complementary therapies in cancer is being developed.


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